What’s the Story?

This is a site that encourages you to do something you might be uncomfortable with. Creating positive music.

This idea was born from a conversation between two songwriters, Lobelia Lawson and Richard Lomax, otherwise known as Granfalloon – about where most of our songwriting inspiration comes from. It is common for us to write from a place of great pain or anger – and in times of contentedness we were much less prolific as songwriters.

We’d love to keep pushing art out into the world and be able to write in times of despair and perhaps even a happy song in times of despair. Is that even possible? Are you ready to try?

What do I do?

We’d like you to try and write just one song with a positive spin on it. And we’d like you to do it in one week. Then we’d like you to do it for 10 weeks in a row! Most of us here are not adept at this type of writing, but we’d like to try and see what we come up with.

Anyway, don’t let the name get you down – creating art is a positive endeavor in itself, so feel free to join in even if you aren’t writing the feel-good hit of the season, although stretching yourself to write something you might not normally feel comfortable with might be fun!

We have a Facebook Group to try and keep everyone updated and sharing with one another. Click the icon below to join our group.

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Are there Rules?


  1. No previously written material – this is about creation and pushing ourselves as songwriters


  1. These songs must be original – instrumentals are welcome and encouraged if the lyrics won’t come or that’s not your thing. Co-writes welcome with permission of all artists involved.


Songs are due each Wednesday – so use the submit songs link at the top left of the page. Don’t forget to put info, perhaps lyrics and any other relevant stuff that you might want to share. Also a PayPal.Me link  or bandcamp link if you’d like to give others a way to contribute to your music if they want.



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Rachel Taylor-Beales playing a guitar

Rachel Taylor-Beales

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Tyler Massey


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Mishkin Fitzgerald

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Liz Frencham playing the double bass and singing


Liz Frencham

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Godiva Music


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