Week 2


Mickey Van Gelder – LOCK IT DOWN

More info:
A little 16-bar groove in D that needs a top line.
Chords and dots available with pleasure.

Artist comments:
Just joining the PSP project has been an inspiration.
I now feel that I have something to work to. Thank you!

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Writing difficulty: 3 (scale of -5 (very difficult) to 5 (very easy)


Granfalloon – The Pigeon


Recorded for the Positive Songs Project. A challenge to write a positive song every week. The track ends with the sound of The Green Quarter, Castlefield, Salford, and Macintosh Village clapping the NHS (big love x)

Credits: Richard Lomax – vocals/beats/organ/acoustic guitar/synths/Omnichord
Lobelia Lawson – vocals/piano
Steve Lawson – bass
Adrian Ingham – electric guitar

Inspired while clapping from my window. I thought I saw a dove. It turned out to be a pigeon. Sometimes reality is all we have and sometimes that’s great. Who needs unicorns when we have rhinos?

Come and see the doves
At the window ledge
There is hope
On the outside

In a world of wonder
Who needs fantasy
In a world of wonder
Believe in you and me
Who needs unicorns
When we’ve got rhinos?
Who needs doves
When we’ve got pigeons?
Who needs angels
When I’ve got you?

Further listening:
Upcoming shows: May 1st – Live Stream from the Granfalloon Studio w/Lobelia 7-9 BST
Writing difficulty: 2 (scale of -5 (very difficult) to 5 (very easy)


Lobelia – This Day is Mine



from Lobelia Lawson – Positive Songs Project, released April 15, 2020
Lobelia – vocals, keys, ukulele, engineering
Richard Lomax – vocals
Steve Lawson – bass, mixing, masteringLyrics:Take a walk Take a look Take it slow
Sing a song Read a book On we goit’s been forever, can’t remember when I had a little time
This day is yours this day is theirs,
This day is mine.Close your eyes Listen up For the sound
Of the rain Giving up To the groundit’s been forever, can’t remember when I had a little time
This day is yours this day is theirs,
This day is mine.Cook a meal Watch a film Walk the dog
Clear your head From a lifetime of fogit’s been forever, can’t remember when I had a little time
This day is yours this day is theirs,
This day is mine.Artist Comments:

I love working on this project with you all. I’m loving having a reason to write each week and I find it’s keeping my mind busy. Thanks all! x
Further listening:www.lobelia.bandcamp.com Writing difficulty: 3 (scale of -5 (very difficult) to 5 (very easy) 


Sam Montooth – The Sea


This solo bass track was created with the image of someone standing at the edge of the sea and reflecting on their past and future with all of the joy and pain that entails. At this time especially, embracing the duality of the human experience is necessary for us to thrive and be able to embrace what our future can be.

Artist Comments:
I hope this brings peace to those who hear it.

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Liz Ruvalcaba – Aura





Additional Artist Comments:

So far, I am loving this project. It feels like just what I needed to give me some structure with creating. It is helping me to build confidence and be more relaxed with myself around the creation process. Much appreciation!


Writing difficulty   -1


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Week 1

Lizeth RuVALCABA – Stella

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Granfalloon – I Don’t Feel Blue

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Tom Martin – April Sky


Lobelia Lawson – Here with Me

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Godiva Music – Radiance

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