Is it really Phase III of this project?! Hard to believe. A half-dreamed idea from an idle conversation between fresh friends has become a burgeoning community of songwriters! Phase I was an adventure, the possibilities seemed limitless as we barrelled through our improbable challenge. Phase II introduced the Badges which inspired trepidation and creative breakthroughs in equal measure. Writing a new song every week, from week to week, is no easy thing so well done to everyone who has taken part in this project so far.


Our group tally is currently 326 songs between us since March! For Phase III, Lobelia and myself discussed an approach that allowed a change in the frantic pace of the project up until this point. Instead of a weekly deadline there will be one deadline 10 weeks from now. Your goal will be to contribute at least one song to one of the specialist Anthologies that the Positive Songs Project is curating. One of the primary missions of this phase is to give you all a chance to explore and write music that can create alternate revenue streams for artists as well as giving you all a chance to try your hand at something new. We are curating five Anthologies, each one with a specialist or genre-based niche. The five we’ve come up are:


1. A Children’s Album – Nice and simple. A place for your stranger-than-fiction ideas.

2. Video Game Music

3. Library Music – this is the kind of music that features as the backing of

commercial/corporate videos

4.  Folk Country Bluegrass – Acoustic guitars, lapsteels, banjos and fiddles. This would be the natural home for a lot of songwriters.  

5.  Spoken Word – probably the least defined of the anthologies. The music involved canbe anything you wish. The only requirement is that something spoken word occurs…poetry? A short story? The only limit is your imagination.
Example 1:


Example 2:


You can contribute as many or as few songs as you like. Or maybe you don’t want to write a full song… maybe you’d like to write something with another PSP Member or contribute lyrics or your instrumental skills to someone else’s work? With Phase III, we can post our progress amongst the group (we’re thinking via private Soundcloud links) so we can all see the tracks take shape from bare bones, demos, and
ideas to the finished product. The group would become a place to discuss ideas and how to
move the completion of your track forward with the help of the other members. And at the end of the 10 weeks our Anthologies will go live to the world. Hosted on Bandcamp (still our preferred artist friendly music platform), the artists who wrote each song will be free to post the songs themselves wherever they wish and charge what they like for them but after discussion here at PSP we felt it would be easiest for these Anthologies if any money made from their sales through the PSP Bandcamp went to the charity Shelter.
We’re still making it up as we go along so if none of these Anthologies grab you, feel free to
suggest more. If we get enough interest in it, we’ll integrate it. If you want to contribute more than one song to an Anthology or numerous songs to numerous Anthologies, we say: The
More the Merrier. The only hard and fast rule we have to stay unmoveable on will be the deadline date and file format.


Your final track must be submitted to dropbox by 9th December and must be a .WAV file (or .AIFF) in order to be included in our Bandcamp Anthologies. Lobelia is hosting the dropbox folder, so email her @ to be added before you upload your songs.This project is such a large one to stage-manage we won’t be able to keep track of anything that doesn’t stay within these two simple rules. So it goes. Excelsior. Happy writing!

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